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  Welcome To The Home Page Of The


International Capitalist Party


   The goal of the International Capitalist Party (Incapp) is improve the lot of all mankind, the world over.




                                  Some innovations proposed by Incapp are;

   In Government,

                   A fourth branch of government that,

                   Keeps government and it’s officials accountable to the people,

                            By holding the Elite to the same standard that they hold us to! 

                    Privately implimented infrastructure,

                     Free hold land rights,

                     And a completely new paradigm for the funding of government.

  In Primary Education,

                     Private schooling funded through public vouchers,

                     Teaching the entrepreneurial ethos to our children,

                     Teaching philosophy to our children,

                               How to think, not What to think. 

                     Teaching interpersonal discourse to the children

  In Society,

                      Promoting a courteous, entrepreneurial and independent people.


      Read our Manifesto Here.


       We believe that all people, no matter what circumstance they are born into, should be allowed and encouraged to reach their higest potential. When people reach their potential, the lives of all people are improved. Making it easier for other people to reach their potential, creating a feedback loop. A feedback loop that makes this time on Earth a little better for us all.


Capitalist prayer;

Lord God, I pray that somehow and in someway,

I improve the lot of all humanity, 

And that my existence be a blessing on mankind forever.



     Meeting Human needs is what Smart Capitalism is all about. In meeting a human need, the smart Capitalist becomes wealthy. The more profound the need of the people and the greater the need of the people, the greater the profit. Leveraging his/her wealth to the continuing improvement to the lot of mankind, makes him more wealthy still. Then starting a foundation to give the wealth away for the continuing advantage of mankind gains, the Smart Capitalist, immortality.

     Turn greed into a positive motivator of men, and men will do good deeds, allow the Elite to their greed however, and we all suffer. That is because the Elite (Government) lives by rapine, taking from the producers and using the money to enlarge the power of government, and thus the Elite's power.

     Sovereignty is like a see saw. There is a pivot point about which the two poles rotate. One rising while the other necessarily goes down. When the Government's power goes up, the individual's liberty goes down.

     "Courtesy is the grease that allows a Society to function."  If people tried to be a little more courteous and utilize the Golden Rule, everyone's life would improve. Therefore it is in our personal best interest to be courteous. Because our own life improves when all lives improve.


      How do you see your fellow man? Is he/she another mouth to feed? More weight for the planet to carry? A tool to be exploited? A greedy, selfish, guy who wants to take advantage of you? A mechanism that envisions free will, but indeed has no free will at all? Or as a fellow human being ?


         Read our Manifesto Here. HTTP://

      Give risk takers an option other than crime, (the Smart Capitalist option) and there will be few criminals.

          Give everyone a stake in Society, and there will be no crime. 'Mencius' 

        Criminalizing human behavior is the height of absurdity, it will only create an underground market for that want or need, with no checks and balances to prevent the worst outcomes for everyone involved. 

           Hold our superiors to the same, or better, a higher standard than they hold us to. If they impose upon us random drug test they should be tested too. If they subject us to video surveillance they must be surveiled as well! When the people begin to see that the Elite are acting virtuous, the people will begin to act virtuous. Crime will begin to evaporate.

          The answer to crime is not to enhance punishment, it is to encourage a virtuous society. If punishment is the best answer, why was there crime in ancient Greece, under the laws of Draco? Draco said that the punishment for any infraction no matter how minor, should be death. However since death is the ultimate punishment, it would have to do for great infraction as well. Rest assured however, that the Elite in ancient Greece were rarely subjected to the death penalty, that correction was reserved for the people.

           Instead of forcing people to do good through fear, We at Incapp want to motivate humanity to do good by making it in mens and womens obvious best intrest. Then they will do good. 


      We give value to our possessions in proportion to the effort expelled in acquiring them. It follows then that when we  are given Liberty without effort, we don't give our Liberties their true value. Thus we are willing to give our Liberties up for the State to provide FOR us. Becoming dependant on the State. When you are dependant, you are a subject of the State. 

                           Tyrants have Subjects.

                            Democratic Republics have Citizens!


Nothing is hard, Once you know the trick.

The trick is... finding out the trick. 


      "Perhaps it is time to add a fourth branch of government to Montenesque’s three others. The NUMA, after Numa Pompilus the lawgiver of Rome. This hypothetical branch would have no Legislative, Judicial, or War Making powers. All it would be tasked to do, is be the police of the government. The overriding legal authority if you will, to enforce the laws that government sees fit to saddle themselves and the rest of us with. InCapP believes that government must not pass laws that apply to the populace but not the Elite.

      Similar to the Roman Censors. They would strictly enforce the laws the government has passed, only on government officials, DIRECT employees, and elected office holders. Only the governors, not the governed would come under the purview of the NUMA. They would have broad ranging police powers to investigate, apprehend, enforce and prosecute the Elite. This could, if properly applied, stifle the predilection of the rulers to misuse their power." (exerpt from the Manifesto).

       A fourth branch of government solves the "Principal Agent" dilemma, as it pertains to government. This new branch would be the overseer of the Agent (government), for the Principal (governed). It would not insure that the agent would in fact work in the best interest of the people, (that is for the people to decide). It would however, insure that the Agent would not undermine societal structure by being corrupt. This would allow government to govern, instead of policing itself.

       Without having to police itself, much of the natural partisan bickering would be redirected to policy, instead of ad homonym attacks on the "other." When the question of the legality of both (or more) parties has been determined, the people’s minds will be at rest. The Elites minds will be at rest. It is my belief that were this the state of affairs, more enlightened policy would ensue. More enlightened policy will result in society evolving to a more Human Hearted future, and the standard of living will improve for everyone.




Read our Manifesto Here. 


The beauty of Capitalism is that it uses such a powerful emotion (greed), to impel people to help each other. To the benefit of everyone. Capitalism is all about meeting the needs of people. Think of the stated philosophy of retail Capitalism, “The customer is always right!” This ethos naturally drives better service to customers... a measure of the lot of humanity.

The impulse to meet our needs that propels Capitalism is the natural human want to get a better life. This can be characterized as greed. No matter what you call it is a powerful motivating factor. For Capitalism… and against Socialism and Communism.

That is one of the key points where Socialist and Communist philosophy falls down. It needs to change fundamental human attributes else it doesn‘t work. The primary motivating factor of Socialism and Communism, jealousy, is only motivating to punish, not advance.

People are people. We are flawed and we fail all the time. We all want better for ourselves and our children. No regulation or prohibition of thinking or behavior will change what we are and how we think. The answer is to work within the human attributes given by God and use them to motivate behavior that improves the lot of man. Wanting people to be different from what and who we are is fruitless. To have the hubris to seek to change a fundamental attribute of humanity is as dangerous as it is foolish…


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